Chris grew up on the East Coast of Australia. He set off to work on Cattle Stations across Australia, Canada and onto a management role on King Island. Life was an adventure and home was pretty much where the bag lay on the ground.

Mel was born and raised in London, UK. She carved out a career in Television which included a 5 year stint working on the award-winning children’s series, Horrible Histories. After a decade in Production it was time for a new direction. She set off on a travel adventure and followed her feet to Australia.

We met in 2015 on a Cattle Station in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia. It wasn’t long before we knew that we would be heading into the next adventure together.

After leaving the Cattle station, we took to the road in a Honda Civic with only a tent in tow. We drove across Australia for three months, enjoying the freedom. Just the outdoors and a teeny tiny car!

We shared dreams of what our life could look like, and somewhere along the road we decided that we wanted to work as a team. We wanted to create a project that we believed in and that would contribute to the world.

We visited family in Bellingen, NSW, where we were given a warm welcome and introduction to the family farm. It was then that our road trip came to an end and ‘Bellinger River Organics’ was born!